Leadership Conversations for Possibilities

Conversations for possibilities are the most all-encompassing kind of human conversation. However, these yet remain the least examined. Conversations for possibilities are taking place all the time, and people involved remain unaware of the consequences of these conversations. Most of these conversations are totally unrestrained and undisciplined, and hence not only do not produce results, at a lot of times, these produce negative results.

Conversations for possibilities have the potential to open up new worlds for you as an individual, a team or an organisation. Having effective leadership conversations for possibilities is a matter of skill, and like all other skills, it can be successfully developed by creating regular practices. Body dispositions, language skills and the importance of moods will be created for the participants.

In this workshop, you will learn to invent conversations for possibilities with yourself (very important) and with you colleagues and teams. You will also learn the important elements of conversations for possibilities. The workshop will create practices for you to master these conversations.

The Promise

You will start to create new possibilities for your organisation, your team, and for yourself. You will develop practices to make this an ongoing conversation.

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    The Learning Outcomes

    At the end of this program, you will:
    • Become aware of the type of conversations you have been having with yourself up to now. This awareness will present an opportunity to transform these conversations where required
    • Create new possibilities for your organisation, for your team and for you
    • Get the body dispositions, language skills and the importance of mood for the conversations for possibilities
    • Learn and apply the elements of conversations of possibilities
    • Invent new conversations with yourself, your colleagues and your teams


    Welcome to a world of extra-ordinary performance

    Actions give you results; and you can take only those actions that are available to you or only those that you can see. Generative Leadership in Organizations will show you a new way of seeing and will enable you to see organizations newly as shaped by generative acts, based on the perspective that language is generative, and not just descriptive.

    Why the Institute for Generative Leadership?

    We take a stand for your success and have high regards for your needs and ensure that you fulfil them. The approach is not transactional, but transformational and our approach is a solid results driven approach.

    Leadership Coaching

    The premise of this coaching program is that everyone is a leader; it is a conscious choice about how you choose to live and about how you be a leader at work, at home and in every area of your life.