Laws of Breakthrough Performance

A law is a statement of irrefutable fact. It cannot be disputed. Whether or not you believe in the law of gravity, it doesn’t lessen its effect on you. The program provides laws that are inevitable for Breakthrough Performance.

If you want your senior leaders and your teams to generate breakthrough performance, you will need to enable them to re-look at the way they are currently looking at things. The same perspective, and the same actions will not lead to breakthrough performance. At IGL, our programs work on your being. We believe who you be determines what you do; and what you do determines your result. These Laws of Breakthrough Performance work on your being.

For breakthrough performance, you cannot simply do ‘more of’; ‘better than’ or even ‘different from’ what you have been doing earlier. The ‘you’ needs to be transformed and the new ‘you’ needs to play to win. And this is what makes the Certificate Program in Laws of Breakthrough Performance unique.

The Promise

The knowledge along with the practice of the laws of breakthrough performance will provide an opportunity for you to be a powerful person responsible for the success of your life and your organisation. You will start to operate like you have never operated before with vigor and energy yet unknown to you. Breakthrough Performance in your personal or professional life requires that you re-look at the way you are currently looking at things. A new way of looking at things will give you new possibilities for action; and new possibilities for action will give you new results.

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    Learning Outcomes

    At the end of this program, you will:
    • Understand and appreciate each law of breakthrough performance, start to use this in their lives and see the visible
      difference the laws create
    • With each law, there is a corresponding practice (it’s application) that has been identified for the participants
    • Participants will acquire an awareness of their blind spots
    • Participants will start to re-look at the way they are currently looking at things


    Welcome to a world of extra-ordinary performance

    Actions give you results; and you can take only those actions that are available to you or only those that you can see. Generative Leadership in Organizations will show you a new way of seeing and will enable you to see organizations newly as shaped by generative acts, based on the perspective that language is generative, and not just descriptive.

    Why the Institute for Generative Leadership?

    We take a stand for your success and have high regards for your needs and ensure that you fulfil them. The approach is not transactional, but transformational and our approach is a solid results driven approach.

    Leadership Coaching

    The premise of this coaching program is that everyone is a leader; it is a conscious choice about how you choose to live and about how you be a leader at work, at home and in every area of your life.