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Institute for Generative Leadership, India offers several transformational programs that are on the path to leadership mastery. These programs have an ontological perspective operating on the “being” of the person and that transforms the way they operate in their personal and professional life. Each of these programs are result oriented and organizations will see an immediate impact in the performance of the employees.

The Master operates in the mood of the beginner. They are fascinated with what they ‘don’t know’ and bring a sense of curiosity and wonder to the concerns in their lives. Most of our transformational programs get people to bring the same curiosity and wonder to the program – this opens up a space for new possibilities.

Each one of us has some blindness or the other. In most cases, this blindness impedes the effect living of our individual lives, or lives of our teams and organizations. Programs of IGL reveal this blindness, opening up a whole new world for individuals and employees of organizations. And when you see differently, new actions emerge for you, and when you take new actions – you can generate new results.

Here is a partial list of programs conducted for several organisations. Based on the organization’s requirements, additional programs can be designed or a mix of these can be customized to suit the organization’s needs.

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    Workshop: Creating Effective and Sustainable Leadership

    The workshop touches upon the generative leadership distinctions that were originally developed by management and leadership pioneer, Robert (Bob) Dunham, founder of Institute of Generative Leadership, through decades of executive, management experience and these are grounded in 30 years of study and practice in the Ontological discipline.

    Workshop: Managing Capacity, Managing Promises and Achieving Results

    In this workshop we will build interpretations for actions to better manage your capacity to fulfill your promises and to make your promises more valuable. This is a skill for which every manager, and every executive is responsible, to both their customers and their team members.

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    Workshop: Building and Leading Effective Teams

    In this workshop, we will put forward a new understanding of what a team is. This will open up the possibility of designing and leading teams as a domain of permanent learning and innovation for individuals. We will also put forth what it takes to lead effective teams.

    Workshop: Leadership Conversations for Possibilities

    In this workshop, you will learn to invent conversations for possibilities with yourself (very important) and with you colleagues and teams. Having effective leadership conversations for possibilities is a matter of skill, and like all other skills, it can be successfully developed by creating regular practices. Body dispositions, language skills and the importance of moods will be created for the participants.

    Action Learning

    Workshop: Leadership Conversations for Actions

    Conversations for action involve the use of 4 of the 6 speech or listening acts. Gaining mastery in these speech acts will give you results that you have never seen before. In this workshop, we look at how we create our work, where collapses in communication take place, and how we make action happen.

    Workshop: Leadership Presence

    The workshop deals with developing a Leadership Presence rooted in the fundamental skills of embodied practices, respect for life, the cultivation of the self, the primacy of relationships and a collective vision for living a proper human life.

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    Workshop: Laws of Breakthrough Performance

    The program provides laws that are inevitable for breakthrough Performance. The knowledge along with the practice of the laws of breakthrough performance will provide an opportunity for you to be a powerful person responsible for the success of your life and your organization.

    Workshop: Achieving extra-ordinary results through communication

    This program is about creating an empowering world in your language; about using language to create powerful actions that generate results.

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