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Revealing Common Strategy
Blind Spots of Leaders


6th April 2022


Expanding Your Capacity to
Act and Generate Outcomes


8th April 2022


Leadership is about having the right conversations. It takes wisdom and skill to know what the ‘right’ conversation is. A lot of the leaders, even today, have a limited  understanding of the word ‘conversation’, and for them – there is not much beyond speaking and listening in a conversation. 

The claim we make is: All your results (organization, team and individual) are a function of your conversations – the ones that you have had, and not had. 

When you fully understand this above claim, then you will see the need for two critical Leadership Conversations – these conversations will dramatically impact your (your employees) results :

  1. The Strategy Conversation: Revealing Common Strategy Blind Spots of Leaders
  2. The Power Conversation: Expanding Your Capacity to Act and Generate Outcomes


  • All the sessions of the workshop will be live.
  • You will have an opportunity to discuss your questions and participate in-group conversations with your learning group.


Leaders and managers in organizations are regularly engaged in strategy conversations. Yet, if you asked any one of them, “What is strategy?” chances are you will get blank faces. A leader in a global IT organization once shared with us, after she went through one of our strategy conversations, “I have been in so many strategy meetings, however, I have never had the kind of perspective you have invited me to this time. Damn! I wish I had known all of this 20 years ago.”

Most leaders presume that power is a function of the title and involves using inducement (carrots) and threats (sticks). What leaders do not, often, fully get is that power is the capacity of a leader to act and generate outcomes. There are distinct and powerful “power” conversations that the leader needs to engage in, and when that happens, the leader is able to affect the behavior of others and generate outcomes that the leader wants. These are simple, yet profoundly powerful conversations.


Your learning will be a function of how effectively you engage with the practices of this program. At the end of this 10-week program, you will :

The Strategy Conversation

  • Become aware of your blind spots in the domain of the Strategy Conversation (we ALL have blind spots – to choose to remain blind is
    a choice we make);
  • Know your current strategy, and will be able to determine whether or not this strategy even works for you;
  • Design a new strategy in domains of your personal life, for your teams and for your organization (if you have the authority to do so);
  • Make new plans, those that work for you;
  • Execute these new plans;
  • Design new games and the rule of these games.

The Power Conversation

  • Become aware of your blind spots in the domain of the Power and Politics Conversation (we ALL have blind spots – to choose to remain blind is a choice we make); 
  • Realize that your power is a function of your identity in the eyes of others.
  • Appreciate what drives people to actions, and learn to shift people’s context;
  • Understand that each individual is a unique observer, and that determines how they see you; 
  • Make bigger promises so that you can shift your identity;
  • Start to build the skill of making powerful requests;
  • Co-ordinate action to generate outcomes. Every important outcome you generate, you expand your identity.
  • Start to take responsibility for how others listen to you, and commit to shifting that listening. 
  • Understand where you are in the Responsibility-Power Matrix in each conversation, each result and each relationship.


The Strategy Conversation Commences: 6th April 2022

The Power Conversation  Commences: 8th April 2022

Number of Weeks :

10 Weeks (1 Session per week of 90 minutes.)

Session Timing :

07:30 pm IST | 10:00 pm Singapore Time | 10:00 am Eastern Time | 03:00 pm GMT


Each of the 10 sessions of the program will be power-packed. Each session will show you some new blind spots and introduce you to new
leadership practices. Here is the indicative content (indicative because Sameer prefers to deal with what comes up in the conference from the participants rather than stick to a rigid agenda) :

The Strategy Conversation

The Anatomy of Action and the Power of Conversations
In this session, we will look at the anatomy of action, a powerful structure revealed by Bob Dunham, founder of the Institute for Generative Leadership. In this session, we will also look at the Power of Conversations, and how leadership is about having the “right” conversations.

The 6 critical strategy lessons we can learn from Google Maps
One simple way to understand Strategy is to look at Google Maps. It reveals a fundamental structure of getting to your destination. However, there are many nuances which most leaders are blind to.

Creating a powerful future
What does it take to create a powerful future? You can create a powerful future for your organization, your team, and for yourself too. In this session, we will learn what it takes to create a future that works for you.

Where exactly are you right now?
Till you do not get, in reality, where you are right now, there is no way you can design a path to your new, powerful future. This is a session that helps you put a pin on where you are in this moment in time. This then helps to draw the map to your future.

Designing your Strategy
Between where you are and where you need to be, there are some fundamental strategic assessments that we need to make. This is perhaps the most important, and yet the most missing skill, in leaders.

Designing the Path
Another common blindspot of leaders. We will answer the question – “what is a plan?”; “what does it take to pivot?’; and “what really goes in a plan?”

Building the skill of effective execution of the plan
A plan is a series of promises. Making the plan takes a particular kind of skill, however, executing it – altogether another one.

Being centered
Breakdowns will happen and are a part of the journey – how you navigate breakdowns, and center yourself will determine whether or not you achieve your future.

Designing new games
Imagine life as a game. What does it take to design new games; new futures; getting others involved in your games; designing the rules of the game, and so forth.

The journey continues
This will be the first step for the rest of your life. You will be glad you took this journey with us. It will reveal to you what you did not know that you did not, i.e., blindness. New awareness will give you powerful new choices for action and results.

The Power Conversation

Setting Context of The Power Conversation | What drives people?
In this session, we will also look at the Power of Conversations, and how leadership is about having the “right” conversations. We will also see how the automatic assessments people make drive their actions and outcomes. The key of power conversations is to shift the assessments people make.

The Observers We Are
Each one of us, as human beings, are unique observers. At the Institute for Generative Leadership, we speak about S – E – L – P – H (Pronounced SELF). We look at the power of each of these elements in the Observer Conversation.

Your Identity | The Listening Conversation
Your identity is a function of how people listen to you. Often, it is not only “what” is stated, it is also “who” has stated. In the eyes of people who matter to you, your identity matters. One way to determine your power is to assess your identity.

Distinguishing Power and Politics | Busting Myths
There is a lot of misunderstanding in these words. People assess the words ‘power’ and ‘politics’ negatively in organizations. These are powerful conversations – always going on beneath the surface of what is available to you. Understanding these conversations will give you a kind of access that you would have never had before.

The Power of Promises
You align and coordinate with other individuals, teams and organizations by making and receiving trustworthy promises. One way to expand your power is to make bigger promises – those that matter to your organization.

A Generative Speech Act | Requests
Requests are powerful and generative acts. With requests you can get others to act and shift the flow of your life and your default future. A simple act, and yet, most people do not get the full power of this simple move.

Conversation for Action
Leaders and managers are coordinating action all the time. However, they may be doing it well or poorly. Their results depend on their skills in coordinating action. Becoming aware of the distinctions of coordination of action and using these distinctions effectively can significantly enhance the results they can generate.

Distinguishing Responsibility
“Responsibility” is a powerful ‘way of seeing’ that opens up new actions, new doorways and new possibilities. It is the only ‘way to see’ to truly generate results – not just any results – but those that matter to you. In our research with over 2000 managers, we saw that most confused responsibility with accountability.

Responsibility – Power Matrix (RPM)
There are four quadrants in the RPM Matrix and this matrix will show you where you may be in each conversation, each relationship and each result area. The objective of this matrix is to raise your awareness and give you access to new actions.

The Journey Continues
This will be the first step for the rest of your life. You will be glad you took this journey with us. It will reveal to you what you did not know that you did not, i.e., blindness. New awareness will give you powerful new choices for action and results.

Bonus Programs

When you register for any of the programs, you will receive the three programs below worth INR 61040/GBP 610 absolutely free.

  1. Building Leadership Muscle Program-This is an action-based, practice-focused, resultsoriented program that will enable you to shift your current results in life.
  2. Growing Your Leadership Impact program worth INR 14900 -This program is for those who do not play solo, want to play and win big games and realise that leadership is about inviting other to play big games with you.
  3. Video program on Sameer’s bestselling book, “Declaring Breakdowns:Powerfully Creating a Future that Matters to you, in 6 Simple Steps” – this program is one of our bestsellers too, and in itself is worth INR 46140.
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