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I am enjoying my time in life now. The last few months have erased depression, fear and anxiety and have replaced emotions such as enthusiasm, gratitude and positivity. Have gone back to my old creative self. There’s so much to do and so much to look forward to.
I give credit to my Coach who has helped me get back to gaining perspective to my life. Thank you, Sameer Dua.

Mrs. Aruna Katara

President of Hope Foundation and Research Centre, a Public Charitable Trust Promoted by the FINOLEX Group.

The CEO Program was nothing like any program on leadership I have attended before. It is unique and has kept me completely rooted. It is so empowering. Sameer and Sheeja balance this so perfectly. Your voices ring in my ears ever so often that it will keep me on track to making the big successful changes in my life. Want to thank Sameer for offering me the opportunity to make changes through practices. Looking forward to this journey of 11 months and beyond with you two.

Radhika Baliga

Director - Finance, IT & Operations, Jungheinrich Lift Truck India Pvt. Ltd

Feeling very lucky to be part of this fantastic program. It was good on so many points. I really enjoyed it and it was so much more than I expected. I learnt so much. The content was informative and interactive which gave me practice, and examples of what it can do were most important. Am wonderfully inspired again! I also wanted to compliment you Sameer, on your training skills. You never seem to run out of enthusiasm and energy! I have and will talk about this program to everybody.

Priya Ranjan Panigrhay

Founder and CEO, Cetpes Software, WTY Connect

The CEO program is designed for 11 months, however the pragmatic learning would certainly be lifelong.I am thrilled to have experienced thefirst 3 days of the CEO Program and am already seeing the world with lot of possibilities, to get results for myself and my organization. The CEO Program is ‘An Art to Lead Life’, that empowers you in every situation, and develops you to gain your desired results. I am thankful to life, that I’ve got Coach Sir Sameer, Sheeja Shaju and my learning team, so I that practice each and every element of the 3 days Conference in my life and build my leadership muscles stronger &stronger!

Sandeep Kailash Ojha

Senior Manager, John Deere

Sameer’s passion of teaching this subject and the way he motivates people in such training sessions, is just amazing. The way the last session on the third daywas conducted, including a group dance and activity at the end, was really mind-blowing and everybody was completely charged-up. I have never experienced that in my life!

Shailendra Jain

Country CFO & Company Secretary, Faurecia India Group

Really happy to be a part of the C.E.O (Coaching for Excellence in Organisations) programme – Batch of October 2017. It is incidentally the first of an 11- month Leadership programme–. The programme got off to a flying start with what has been (for me) one of the most immersive 3-day affairs. The whole ambiance was electrifying (yeah there was dance too) along with some serious food for thought provided by the IGL team – Sameer, Sheeja, Geeta and a couple of others. The take away was the set of declarations made by each one of the participants in their area of care on day 3 which will be tracked and mapped against the milestone(s) reached as the programme rolls on…Sameer went to the extent of saying that he and his team is unequivocally invested in each one’s declaration and can be held to account! Now that is some Leadership initiative…

Muthu Kumar

Associate Vice President, Jagran Engage

I was in a kind of comfort zone & confused about how to take my business to the next level, I am glad to have taken right decision in joining The CEO Program, it has helped in getting clarity on my priorities and potential to make it big, just 2 weeks into the course and I see myself as a man with unlimited vision, thank you Sameer and Sheeja for giving me this opportunity.”

Nilesh Shah

Director, Sanghvi Auto & Steel Traders

Bill Gates once said ‘The idea that some skills, like managing people, are not correlated with scientific IQ — in fact some of them are negatively correlated to scientific IQ — took me a while to figure out.’ So what is this ‘People IQ’ all about?

To me, the key to developing people skills/IQ lies in the way One is able to connect to Oneself ( his/her own realities) and to Others ( other’s realities).

The realities can be vastly different from the images created historically. Reality is dynamic and offers opportunities whereas images might not.

The first 3 days motivated me to question many images that I had clicked mentally and start conversations with people to connect to OUR realities. It’s a journey that is starting to get more interesting; and with Sameer and Sheeja supporting me, I guess I will be able to reach the end or rather a ‘new beginning’.

If ‘People IQ/skills’ is even remotely in your thoughts, I would recommend that you have a chat with Sameer or Sheeja.

Anirban Banerjee

Business Head, Volvo Construction Equipment

Sameer is every individual’s inner voice. He very effectively wakes us from our sleep and pulls us out from the dark room we’ve been living in, in our heads. Definitely Sameer is gifted with his ability as a great speaker. Looking forward to broaden my perspectives with him and do full justice with my participation in the 11 month CEO program

Pious Varghese

Director - Legal, CFLD India Investment Private Limited

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