Delve into the power of science and eastern wisdom to explore the depths of your life and leadership


On several occasions in the past, researchers have studied eastern wisdom and created powerful scientific interpretations. However, rarely, has anyone looked at science and Eastern Wisdom, and brought forth leadership distinctions and practices. This is the first time that the Institute for Generative Leadership will offer a unique and a powerful program that merges powerful interpretations of science and eastern wisdom and make it actionable from the leadership perspective in the personal and organizational space.

What makes this program new and different?
Specifically, it draws upon:

  • Ancient wisdom of the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita and investigates this Wisdom from the lens of leadership.
  • Key elements of Cellular Biology and the Quantum world that allow for a wider array of seeing possibilities.
  • Key tenets of Conversational Leadership.

We take great delight in inviting you to

  • A new world of extraordinary performance
  • New seeing, new awareness and new choices
  • A world full of possibilities
  • A new way of learning.

Is there a place for Eastern Wisdom in building Our Leadership Skills and Practices?

If you said no, then think again.

The common mistake many leaders make is solely focusing on doing and achieving results and increasing their bottom line. They are blind to the power of the practices of Eastern Wisdom in elevating their leadership impact in the world.

Rarely, has anyone looked at science and Eastern Wisdom, and brought forth leadership distinctions and practices that combine the three. Until Now.

While the intention is to offer a year long program, this brochure is for the first 10-weeks only. Those who find value can continue for the year long journey.

Program Objective

The objective of this program is to Illuminate some fundamental blind spots of human beings, having awareness of which will open up new domains of action and of results. What we will address in this program does not even appear as a need for Individuals today, however once these blind spots are revealed, these same individuals will be surprised that they’ve lived up until now with these blind spots.

This program borrows from deep Eastern Wisdom, connects it with science and creates powerful leadership practices to enable today’s leaders to generate powerful new actions that take care of their multiple cares.

I’ve just recently joined these conversations and in one of the sessions that I have attended I learnt about my triggers, a place within myself that creates unwelcomed responses. It’s where I become judgemental and limited in my thinking. A practice that was taught is the “How” to step back into the present moment where there is peace and non judgements. I am able to gain access to new choices, explore what else might be possible in this new state of being.

Linda Wahman

Executive/Leadership Coach President of Evoking Excellence Coaching

The Roots of this program

For about 3 years now, every Thursday Sameer Dua leads a program on “Leadership Conversations from the Bhagavad Gita” which has business professionals and coaches coming together from various parts of the world. This weekly conversation has revealed to us the power of Eastern Wisdom, grounded in science, in the leadership domain.

Curiosity, intrigue and knowing the intrinsic value of the Bhagavad Gita and a desire to apply it in the content of everyday life was my reason for participating. I come back each week for my next episode of unblocking, and to gain new insights and ahas.

I achieved big results by making declarations which led to new futures being created. I became aware of where I was disempowered and turned it around by changing the (disempowering) story into an opportunity.

Jagadish Babu

Leadership Coach & COO Ekstep Foundation

Tapping into the Body's Wisdom

Science, Eastern Wisdom and Generative Leadership (SEWGL) will provide powerful somatic (coherence of body and mind) practices and show leaders a deeply important, yet a largely missing skill of accessing the wisdom of the body.

These somatic practices will shift our energies allowing us to see a wider range of possibilities and expand our leadership impact in the world.

No wonder it is suggested that our ‘body is our temple’. Foundational practices will be introduced and scientific interpretations of these practices will be offered so that you can expand your leadership impact in the world.

In corporate America, I often felt like a talking head without a body. Once I learned to listen to my body and incorporate its wisdom into making decisions I became stronger in my ability to engage more fully in my life and work.

I am eager to learn more about shifting my energy and practicing new ways of  responding.

Jewel Ray Chaudhuri

Executive, Leadership & Women’s Empowerment Coach

Why do this program?

There are two ways to live your life: a life of drift or a life of design. Most people are living in a life of drift and they are unaware that they are in a drift. Many others think they are in a life of design and yet when you peel through the outer layer it becomes evident that even they are living a life of drift. Very few people are at the true source of choice in their life. This program will open questions and practices that will offer new illumination, and hence new choice for their life and leadership.

What will it cost not to do this program?
You stay stuck in your blindness. To not participate in this program would mean to continue living a life of drift and a life full of blindness. Needless to state, the cost of this is very steep, to say the least.

When I am in drift, I allow life to happen to me. I find myself more scattered. I feel disempowered and this is reflected in the language and the stories that I generate. By contrast, when I am consciously designing my life, I am at purpose with what I care about; at choice, and standing in my power. I can see new possibilities and have let go of the judgments that hold me back and that say to me: “No, you can’t.” or “I have to know.”

My goal is to operate from a place of caring and focus rather than operating from moods of fear and frustration.

Jewel Ray Chaudhuri

Executive, Leadership & Women’s Empowerment Coach

Promise of the program

This is not just a program–but the beginning of a new life journey.
In these ten weeks you will:

  • Shine a light on your own blindness and its impact on others
  • Be asked fundamental questions that will give you access to greater choices and new possibilities in being the leader of your life
  • Be shown how Ancient Wisdom, Science and Generative Leadership can simplify the complexities of your life.

We begin with a 10-week introduction to this journey. In the first 10 weeks, you will begin to become aware of some domains of blindness and start to sense whether this program and this journey is right for you
considering where you are in your life at this moment.

Because we will make the concepts simple does not mean your behaviour shift will happen just with this understanding. The real shifts will take place when you engage actively in the practices.

Who is this program for?

This is not a trivial program of simple tips and techniques. There are no shortcuts in this program (or in life, for that matter).

This program is for you if you are interested in committing to embodying new leadership and self mastery practices that will allow you to see new possibilities and create new futures.

This program would work best for:
Mid level or senior executives who want to have more impact and create a workplace that engages their organization in achieving dynamic results
Executive, Leadership and Life Coaches who want to add more depth and diversity to their coaching repertoire.
Teams who need to work toward a common goal
Creative Artists who need to balance coming from heart and head

The biggest learning is recognising my divinity over my humanity. Not easy but the observer in me always takes me back to seeing my divinity. I have started looking at everything from the ‘oneness’ perspective – the person I am talking to is just my own extension. So, suddenly, my outlook has changed and is helping me immensely.

There is acceptance, calmness, gratitude and most meaningful actions with complete awareness. I have started thinking out of the box with multiple handy choices.

The discussions and meanings that Sameer brings are priceless. His interpretations are out of the world. The way he handles Q&A after the initial explanation is like icing on the cake. I am really looking forward to many more learnings from Thursdays to come

Girish Khilari

CTO & Director, Elliot Systems, Chairman, IEEE Pune Section

Approved by International Coaching Federation

This program “Science, Eastern Wisdom and Generative Leadership” is approved by International Coaching Federation for the following CCE’s

Core Competencies16
Resource Development24

Resource Development includes training formerly called Personal Development, Business Development, or Other Skills and Tools.

Your Commitment to the Program and to Yourself

  • Be open to this learning
  • Make this personal to yourself and your situation
  • Be willing to expand your capacity through practice and taking action

Participants should show the evidence of being in practice through submission of regular reflective assignments during the course of the 10 week program. Each participant’s practices will be assessed by their learning team members too.

Program Duration

Start Date : 20th July 2022

  • Ten Weeks (virtually) with 1 session every week for 90 minutes
  • Orientation session of 1 hour

Your Investment

Participants from the UK,
Europe and rest of the world
GBP 950
Participants from the Indian SubcontinentINR 50000


  • We have installments available
  • 18% GST will be added to the fee for participants from the Indian subcontinent.

Indicative Program Content

  • Reconstructing who you are from the lens of Science, Eastern Wisdom and Generative Leadership
  • Identifying the impact of energy fields and the wisdom of the body on our life and leadership
  • Demystifying the science (and practice) of meditation
  • Defining and Reconstructing Action
  • Learning to be in generative flow producing outstanding results with ease and focus
  • Removing the barriers that limit success
  • Managing attention: your true gift
  • Identifying the (only two things) that exist in the world
  • Learning the power of the “Fruit” of Action

I trust that life is unfolding in the way “I am creating it”. Now I pay very little attention to effects. I waste very little time on mindless activities and playing the “ain’t it an awful game”.

Connie Kadansky

Master Certified Coach and Founder of Exceptional Sales

Your Starting Point: Building Leadership Muscle

As a pre-requisite for the SEWGL program, you will receive complimentary access to the Building Leadership Muscle program.

It is a 4 and a half hour video based program completed over the course of three days that will introduce you to the principles of Generative Leadership.

Building Leadership Muscle Topics Include:

  • Setting Contexts
  • The Care Action Matrix
  • What We Don’t Even Know We Don’t Know
  • We Live in Language
  • The Mix-up between Facts and Stories
  • Focus on Your Results
  • The Power of Your Stories

And, much more.

I resonate with the learning and find it congruent with everything I have seriously studied. Energy follows attention. This study leads to selfactualization. A growth mindset requires continuous learning.

My life is constantly emerging, generative, intelligent, and creative. I experience more joy and find myself squirming when the proverbial mirror is placed before me (weekly) to look in and recognize where I need to choose consistency and practices to step into greater responsibility and service.

Connie Kadansky

Master Certified Coach and Founder of Exceptional Sales

Program Leader: Sameer Dua

A best-selling author; the world’s leading authority on Declaring Breakdowns, a coach for leading coaches, a Generative Leadership expert, a coach for top global leaders, founder of the London Business Literature Festival and the Gift Your Organ Foundation and with over 30 years of experience in Management and Leadership education, Sameer Dua wears many hats successfully.

Sameer’s transformational work in leadership development has already impacted thousands around the world. In addition, Sameer runs a regular series on “Leadership Conversations from the Bhagavad Gita: A Generative Leadership Perspective” and he has participants from 24 different countries regularly attending his sessions.

Sameer has been listed amongst the top 30 emerging thinkers of the world by Thinkers50, (the world’s most reliable resource for identifying, ranking, and sharing leading management ideas) as one of those who will shape the future of business. The Thinkers50 listing is considered to be “the Oscars of Management Thinking” by the Financial Times, UK.

Sameer, before setting up the Institute for Generative Leadership in Asia and UK, ran management institutes in 4 cities in India and 2 colleges in London, UK and had students from 52 different countries of the world. He has trained leaders in organisations such as: Mercedes Benz, John Deere, Siemens, NetApp, TSystems, BMC Software, Jungheinrich, Elringklinger, Wipro, ResourcePro, Amdocs, Schaeffler, Faurecia, Volvo, Reliance, amongst many others.

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