The CEO Program

  • …have a strong desire to challenge the status quo?
  • …have an interest in wanting to play big games?
  • …question your current frame of thinking and perhaps its blindness?
  • …have an ability and a desire to positively impact a high number of people?
  • …have a interest in lifelong learning?

If any of the above is true for you, then we have just the right program for you.
The CEO Program You are invited to a learning experience that can shift your future and that of your teams, organizations, or communities. This new learning will significantly amplify and augment the skills that you already have and will open up new dimensions of your leadership impact.
It will enable you to invent a new future for yourself, your family, your organization, and your communities. You will learn what it takes to be a breakthrough leader in action and how to generate extraordinary results that matter most to you.

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Really happy to be a part of the C.E.O. (Coaching for Excellence in Organisations) programme - Batch of October 2017. The programme got off to a flying start with what has been (for me) one of the most immersive 3-day affairs. The whole ambience was electrifying (yeah there was dance too) along with some serious food for thought provided by the IGL team – Sameer, Sheeja, Geeta and a couple of others. The take away was the set of declarations made by each one of the participants in their area of care at the end of the last day which will be tracked and mapped against the milestone(s) reached as the programme rolls on…Sameer went to the extent of saying that he and his team are unequivocally invested in each one's declaration and can be held to account! Now that is some Leadership initiative...

Muthu Kumar
Associate Vice President
Jagran Engage

Why The CEO Program?

  • Provide a platform to yourself to deliver results that you have never historically delivered before (We do not say this lightly. Please see the Case Studies as a sample of some of the results our students have generated in areas that matter to them).
  • Acquire new knowledge
  • Learn about your blind spots (those that are stopping you from your greatness)
  • Participate in regular practices over the course of the program that help you shift your embodiment and capacity for action and results.
  • Work with a group of like-minded people who support you to generate results
  • Be coached in a group by coaches experienced in Generative Leadership
  • Most importantly, generate results that take you to the next level

Who is this Program for? This program is for anyone who wants to generate breakthrough results and wants a life and future of their choice. Business owners, CXOs, Directors, Managers will and have in the past immensely benefited from this program. The average work experience of our participants is approximately 18-19 years.

Lady with some itemes

I was in a kind of comfort zone & confused about how to take my business to the next level, I am glad to have taken right decision in joining The CEO Program, it has helped in getting clarity on my priorities and potential to make it big, just 2 weeks into the course and I see myself as a man with unlimited vision, thank you Sameer and Sheeja for giving me this opportunity.

Nilesh Shah
Sanghvi Auto & Steel Traders

Special Benefits

Get these very powerful programs free of cost along with the The CEO Program.

Building Leadership Muscle
The program is provided to most enquiries even before they join the program. These are foundational videos in the domain of 'Me' Leadership. These must be watched prior to the start of your first conference.

Growing Your Leadership Impact
This program continues where the Building Leadership Program ends. This is the beginning of the 'We' Leadership component. These videos must also be watched prior to the start of your first conference.

Mastering Your Emotions
We attribute a lot importance to emotions in Conversational Leadership. These are foundational videos in the domain of Emotions and must be completed prior to the start of your first conference

Taking on a posture of come what may
These videos are part of 'Me' leadership and must be completed prior to the start of the Second conference

Videos from Bob Dunham, Founder, Institute for Generative Leadership, Global
These videos form part of the Excellence in Generative Leadership Program. All these videos have been shot with Bob Dunham, the founder of the Institute for Generative Leadership leading these conversations. There
are some common topics between the below videos and the ones listed above. While the topics may be common, the way these have been presented by the program leaders will give you a different perspective to the distinctions.

Staff Members

Why Us?

  • Because we understand leadership. We have been in leadership education for 26 years internationally, with centers currently in USA, India, Latin America.
  • Because we coach, teach, mentor and consult leaders of top global organizations. Some of our clients are organizations such as the Indian Navy, Siemens, John Deere, BMC Software, Persistent Systems, Mercedes Benz, NetApp, Times of India Group, Amdocs, Allscripts, Schaeffler, and many more. See the full list of our clients here
  • Because we focus on embodiment; making leadership a part of your muscle – and not only focus on giving you some cool concepts.

Bill Gates once said 'The idea that some skills, like managing people, are not correlated with scientific IQ — in fact some of them are negatively correlated to scientific IQ — took me a while to figure out.' So what is this 'People IQ' all about?
To me, the key to developing people skills/IQ lies in the way one is able to connect to oneself (his/her own realities) and to others (other's realities).
The realities can be vastly different from the images created historically. Reality is dynamic and offers opportunities whereas images might not.
The first 3 days motivated me to question many images that I had clicked mentally and start conversations with people to connect to OUR realities. It's a journey that is starting to get more interesting; and with Sameer and Sheeja supporting me, I guess I will be able to reach the end or rather a 'new beginning'.
If 'People IQ/skills' is even remotely in your thoughts, I would recommend that you have a chat with Sameer or Sheeja.

Anirban Banerjee
Business Head
Volvo Construction Equipment

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What is the Promise of the CEO Program?

This program is all about action that generates results. It's a program that introduces new practices, that when followed, give you unprecedented results.
The promise of this program, if done the way it is meant to be done, is:

  • As a business owner receive frameworks, practices, and skills that drive higher sales turnover.
  • As a leader in an organization, you will see what is missing, the knowledge of which will give you opportunities for new actions leading to new results.
  • Be the cause of energizing moods in your organization.
  • Better manage your time and commitments leading to greater work-life balance.
  • Manage and co-ordinate action effectively reducing cost and enhancing your profits.
  • Generate new possibilities for the future, on an ongoing basis.
Staff Member

I must say Sameer, you have a great way of motivating people and kept the group on our toes all through the three days. Most participants, including me hung on to every word you were saying. You are inspirational and I enjoyed every moment of the Program. I look forward to working with you and my team for the rest of the program
I do believe this Program will help me clear the cobwebs in my head and help me regain my confidence. Sheeja added a wonderful dimension to the Program.

Aruna Katara
International Institute of Information Technology

Staff Member

How Does The Program Work?

  • Conferences: The way the program works is that you attend a 2 half day conference every month. This is where your conceptual learning takes place.
  • Leadership Practices: The real learning takes place in the application of what is learnt in your organization setting. You will be provided with learning papers and practices.
  • Learning Groups: Learning groups are formed of 5-6 participants. Each member supports the learning of the group.
  • Group Coaching: Every week, there is a group coaching call scheduled to support you in the application of the learning.
  • One on One Coaching: Once in a month, there is a call scheduled with your coach who will navigate you thorough your concerns and will support you.

It's a super programme and I am honoured to be a part of it. Great learning, rich networking and absolutely stunning reflections. I have attended many leadership development programmes but this one beats anything that I have experienced. All this and we've just begun.

Captain Dhiraj Sareen,
Naval War College
Indian Navy

Statistics of the CEO Program so far

  • Post Graduates from
    • IndianInstitute of Science ( IISc Bangalore )
    • IIMBangalore
    • IIMGhaziabad
    • IITDhanbad
    • IIMCalcutta
      amongst other
  • Average exp: 18 - 19 years
  • Some organisations represented in the program
    • VolvoGroup
    • RelianceBroadcast
    • Symantec
    • FiatAutomobiles
    • BMCSoftware
    • JohnDeere
    • NetApp
    • Maersk
    • Jungheinrich
      amongst others
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Welcome to a world of extra-ordinary performance

Actions give you results; and you can take only those actions that are available to you or only those that you can see. Generative Leadership in Organizations will show you a new way of seeing and will enable you to see organizations newly as shaped by generative acts, based on the perspective that language is generative, and not just descriptive.

Why the Institute for Generative Leadership?

We take a stand for your success and have high regards for your needs and ensure that you fulfil them. The approach is not transactional, but transformational and our approach is a solid results driven approach.

Leadership Coaching

The premise of this coaching program is that everyone is a leader; it is a conscious choice about how you choose to live and about how you be a leader at work, at home and in every area of your life.