Our Courses

We offer several transformational programs that are on the path to leadership mastery. These programs have an ontological training perspective operating on the “being” of the person and that transforms the way they operate in their personal and professional life. Most of our transformational programs get people to bring curiosity and wonder to the program – this opens up a space for new possibilities.

The fundamental claim of the Institute for Generative Leadership is that success is a function of regular practices that allow us to embody new skills and to act in new ways.

In our programs, you learn in action, going beyond conceptual understanding. You gain know-how with experiential learning and the power of continued practice. During the programs, you will produce actions, conversations, and results that you couldn’t before. Through the practices that you learn, you will continue building your capabilities after the program.

Courses We Offer

Each one of us has some blindness or the other. In most cases, this blindness impedes the effective living of our individual lives, or functioning of our teams and organizations. This program will reveal your blindness, opening up a whole new world for you. For example, when you discover that the way you see is not the only way to see, and is just one way of seeing- this simple awareness will open up a whole new world for you. And when you see differently, new actions emerge for you, and when you take new actions- you generate new results. Often, participants start to realize that they may be working hard, and yet, they are operating as a bull in a China shop does- they continue to cause damage and they don’t even know that they don’t know that they are causing damage.

Generative Leadership Program

Who wish to enhance their leadership skills and generate outstanding results. These people enter The GLP (Generative Leadership) Program track.

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The CEO Program (Coaching Excellence In Organizations)

Who are already coaches or those who wish to build their muscle to be able to have coaching conversations with their teams. These people enter The CEO (Coaching Excellence in Organisations) Program track. 

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