Do you know where your business is going? Do you know where YOU are going? Do you know why? Do you know when you’ll arrive? And how are you getting there?

Business owners want to be successful and yet most fail to plan for that success.
It doesn’t have to be that way. At Institute For Generative Leadership Training we help you create your future and then build the road map to achieve that future. The process begins by the top management team defining “Who are you?” as an organization.

This is a powerful question that opens up the space to answer other important questions such as:

  • “Why do we exist?”
  • “What business are we really in?”
  • “What is our Vision for the future?”
  • “What are our milestones?”
  • “How do we get there?”
  • and most importantly “When do we get there?”

The road to a future of your creation is best traveled with a map so that you know when you are on track, when you’ve gone off track, and it helps you to stay on course when distractions come your way. The process commences with a two-day strategy creation workshop with the top management team. We know that success is not achieved by simply creating a strategy document; but in the powerful execution of the strategy. This is where our real expertise comes in. We then work with organizations for about a 8 months to a year in supporting them in achieving their goals for the year.

The Process

The process generally works as follows

Step 1 :

Seeking Clarifications
The organization evaluates this proposal and seeks clarifications from Institute For Generative Leadership Training where required in the methodology to be used in fulfilling their need.

Step 2 :

Tailor making and fine tuning the program offering Once the proposal is approved, a detailed meeting is held with the top 2-4 members of the organization to understand their mind. Institute For Generative Leadership Training provides further details on the 2 day program proposed and the content of the program.

Step 3 :

Workshop on “Creating a Powerful Growth Strategy”

A Two-Day program at the end of which, the following is achieved :

  • Who are you as an organization?
  • Vision of the organization
  • Clearly defined specific and measurable goals
  • Milestones in the achievement of these goals
  • Values of the organization

Step 4 :

Making the Growth Strategy Work (while we recommend organizations take up this service, this is entirely dependent on the organization and is optional)

Regular follow-up up sessions every month to review progress.

Coach calls to ensure that the top management team is on course and is dealing effectively with breakdowns.

Learning Outcomes Of The Workshop “Creating A Powerful Growth Strategy”

The following is achieved at the end of the two days

  • A well crafted definition of “Who are you” as an organisation?
  • A declared Vision for the future (in a defined period of time)
  • Clear Goals (which are specific, measurable and time bound)
  • Un-ambiguous milestones
  • Values upheld by the organisation (these may include values of working together as a team in reaching the goals)
  • A stronger and cohesive top management unit working together in the achievement of the organisation’s future created and declared by them.

Making The Growth Strategy Work!

(Intention of the Process: Ensure that the organisation is on course to achieve the milestones set by the organisation)
The success of this exercise will be in doing regular reviews. It is one thing to declare results, and all together another thing to achieve these declared results. We recommend that there are monthly reviews.
Reviews will evaluate the status on the achievement of the milestones set at the outset. It will also discuss the need to make any mid course changes, if at all required. Regular interaction with the top and the senior management teams of the organization will be held. Training needs, where appropriate, will be identified and staff training will be organized.
Success of any organization lies in taking powerful actions. This is where Institute For Generative Leadership Training steps in and supports organizations in ensuring that they take these powerful actions and achieve the milestones set by them.
This process includes Leadership Coaching for the top leaders of the organization.