Power of context

I felt a great sense of power when I uttered the words, “There will be no deaths in this country for the want of organs”. This is now the vision of the Gift Your Organ Foundation and what we as a Foundation are working towards. Not only the first time, every time I say these words, I still feel…

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Transformation Lies in Changing Your Perspectives

I have been intrigued by how different people respond to exactly the same situation in different ways. For example, if a flight is late, you hear one person crib that the flight is delayed due to a technical failure and that the delay totally messed up their schedules; and on the other end you hear another…

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Constraints of Experience

Does experience kill creativity? Have my experiences started to constrain me in any way? I found myself questioning when a few days back, a colleague gave me an idea which did not go down well with me and I caught myself saying, ‘I have almost 20 years of work experience, this is just not possible’.

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