Generative Leadership For Schools

StudentsWe Teach Our Students That Delhi Is The Capital Of India; And That 2+2 Is 4; While This Is Important, The Question Is, Why Is It That We Do Not Teach Our Students,:

  • That each one of them is a miracle, and a possibility for the future ;
  • That each child is the creator of his / her future; and, that we provide them with the ability to actually create a future of their choice.

Providing this education to children of the world will mean providing an education of great personal value to the child; and enormous value to the greater humanity in the world.

Individually, each child is a potential catalyst for transformation in this world and we must enable each child to get present to this potential in them at a very early age.

How can we do this?

While we teach students various languages, it is important to teach the students the generative power of language. Different speech acts, listening acts, coordinating action, having conversations for action and conversations for possibilities, etc are important elements of generative language. That is really when our children will be ready to walk into their futures equipped with the real power of language. And, as educators, we will have done our jobs effectively!

School children as leaders

The fundamental premise of our Generative Leadership Program for Children is that each child is a leader and we would like young school children to start seeing themselves as leaders (after all, they ‘lead’ their lives). Imagine the impact in their lives and the lives of people around them when each one of them believes and operates as true leaders.

The dictionary says ‘generate’ means to bring into being. This program does exactly that. It brings forth the innate beingness of a ‘Leader’ in the participants. At Institute for Generative Leadership, we believe the being of each one of us is that of leaders. However, some of us choose to be leaders and some others choose not to be leaders, but followers. The goal is to remove the barriers and belief systems that keep us from who we already are – leaders!

At a very young age, we start to put these barriers and belief systems, which as we go along become the hurdles for our growth and success as human beings. As school teachers, it is a responsibility that the teachers have taken upon themselves to make our children fine individuals who operate powerfully. And inside of this responsibility, the teachers must not allow these barriers to get formed, and where they have already started to take shape, they must break them at an early age.

Action Learning – The Power of Practice

The fundamental claim of Institute for Generative Leadershipis that success is a function of regular practices that allow us to embody new skills and to act in new ways. By merely reading books, watching CDs, or hearing audio tapes you will not become successful. What really is required is that you place yourself under the direction of a competent teacher, alongside other committed students and create new practices and take new actions. This program does exactly that.

In this program, you learn in action, going beyond conceptual understanding. You will gain know-how with experiential learning and the power of continued practice. During the program, you will be able to produce new actions, conversations, and results. Through the practices that you learn, you will continue building your capabilities after the program.

Steps forward

  • A powerful workshop for all the teachers of the school.
  • Based on the feedback of that program, organize a 12 week program for teachers built in with training and personal / group coaching.
  • Once individuals teachers attest to having displayed the embodiment of the distinctions, deliver a specially designed curriculum for students.

We Support The Gift Your Organ Foundation

Gift your Organ Foundation ( is a registered Charitable Trust founded by likeminded individuals concerned about the glaring deficiency in the current scenario of organ donation in India. The founders jointly felt a civic responsibility to address this problem, to educate the community, and to promote the cause of organ donation. Sameer Dua is the Founder and the Chief Catalyst of the Gift Your Organ Foundation. Gift Your Organ Foundation promotes and educates people on deceased organ donations. The foundation serves to bridge the gap in the functioning between the government, the hospitals, and the organ donors. Further, it serves as a registry for those interested in pledging their organs in the possible event of brain death. This registry is linked to, and has the support of The Zonal Co-ordination Committee for Transplantation in Karnataka (ZCCK) – a Government of Karnataka body.

Gift Your Organ Foundation is a Charitable Trust and has been entered at No DIT(E)BLR/12AA/G-479/AABTG56031L/ITO(E)-1/Vol 2011-2012 in the Register of Trusts / Institutions u/s 12AA(1)(b)(i) of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Gift Your Organ Foundation also has approval under section 80G(5)(vi) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 vide order number DIT(E)BLR/80G/74/AABTG5603L/ITO(E)-1/Vol2011-2012. Hence, donations received by the Gift Your Organ Foundation are tax exempt. Gift Your Organ Foundation is a Charitable Trust and has been entered at No DIT(E)BLR/12AA/G-479/AABTG56031L/ITO(E)-1/Vol 2011-2012 in the Register of Trusts / Institutions u/s 12AA(1)(b)(i) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Vision of The Gift Your Organ Foundation

There will be no deaths in India due to shortage of organ donors.

Green Heart Drivers License Project of The Gift Your Organ Foundation

Anil Kumble

The Gift Your Organ Foundation in association with the Department of Transport, Government of Karnataka; Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Karnataka; and, the Zonal Co-Ordination Committee in Karnataka for Transplantations manages the ‘Green Heart on the Driver’s License’ project in the state of Karnataka
I have got a ‘Green Heart’ on my Driver’s License and I encourage you and your family / friends to do so too.’ Anil Kumble,
Brand Ambassador,
Gift Your Organ Foundation’s Green heart Driver’s License Project