Other Testimonials

“The earlier this program is done, the better will be the person and the personality”

Devanand Deshmukh

Director - Financial Consultancy Firm

“The Leadership Practices are very well designed and I am able to correlate the exercise given with my daily work life and personal life. I feel the leadership practices is like a running diary – because we are living it every second of our lives!!! I am happy with the design, structure and follow up of this program. I now know the difference between learning through a training program and “coaching”. I feel there is so much to do and so little time to do it in – I have wasted a good number of years already!!!”

Sameer Rege

MD - Waste Management Company

In a business world where we are always caught up with our regular challenges, often times we forget to take a step back and reflect on the big picture. Without the zoom out, each of us misses out on the broader aspect of why we do what we do. It is this missing piece that makes us behave in a routine fashion which we attribute to the system in which each one of us function. Sameer Dua conducted a wonderful program for our organization with the entire management team. He triggered the thought of creating a more powerful world when we look at life from a distance. He implored the team to deliver more powerful results by changing the way we look at ourselves, in other words our capabilities are much beyond than what we believe they are. Sameer created a sense of purpose in the entire team by forcing us to think deeply in finding the compelling reason behind our drive. His energetic session created a profound feeling of finding oneself, thus creating a powerful world around her / him. I can’t thank Sameer Dua enough for the wonderful session.

Samit Banerjee

Vice President - Amdocs

“Please attend the program to live an empowered life. You will start feeling good about yourself the way you are rather than being concerned over other’s opinions about you. Life is to be lived on your terms.”

Vani Menon

Administrative Assistant

“This program has helped me restructure my business and in setting priorities in my life. As a parent also, I would encourage participants to take up this program at an early age.”

Amol Joshi

Director - Travel Management Company

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