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I must say Sameer, you have a great way of motivating people and kept the group on our toes all through the three days. Most participants, including me hung on to every word you were saying. You are inspirational and I enjoyed every moment of the Program. I look forward to working with you and my team for the next 11 months. I do believe this Program will help me clear the cobwebs in my head and help me regain my confidence. Sheeja added a wonderful dimension to the Program.

Aruna Katara

President, International Institute of Information Technology

It’s a super programme and I am honoured to be a part of it. Great learning, rich networking and absolutely stunning reflections. I have attended many leadership development programmes but this one beats anything that I have experienced. All this and we’ve just begun.

Captain Dhiraj Sareen

Naval War College, Indian Navy

“We as a management team are currently going through a major change where we need to revise our current strategy in order to maintain our success in the future. Therefore we have done an incredible workshop with Sameer, which opened up the eyes and mindset of everyone of us in a really different and very powerful way. I am absolutely convinced that this workshop will support all organisations and individuals going through important changes to achieve the desired targets.”

Klaus Trescher

MD and CEO Siemens Technology and Services Pvt. Ltd.

“Having worked in the field of education for nearly 30 years and had the opportunity to work with a vast and diverse collection of leaders from the arenas of education and business/industry, I am very excited about the Leadership Coaching program Sameer Dua has developed for current and future leaders. His focus on the need for authenticity and his recognition of the importance of language and context elevate this training program above the others with which I am familiar.
“Congratulations to Sameer Dua – this program is a winner!”

Christopher S. Adams

Ed. D., Assistant Superintendent, Hempfield School District, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA

During the course of my work of over 22+ years at various large organizations like Wipro, Microsoft & IBM, I have been a part of many training programs on leadership. However, “The Being of a Leader” program of Sameer Dua Training, intrinsically a Leadership Coaching program, is very different from the other Leadership programs.
This program works on “self transformation” that when applied to your professional or personal life dictates miraculous results.
I can state that the participants of this program can be guaranteed of a change that instills self belief, which is so critical to one’s performance resulting in exceptional success at work or in personal life.

Dilip Kukreja

Managing Director, Summation Services Private Limited

“The Being of a Leader” program nicely combines input with practice and it does something that other programs do not do: it ensures continuity and learning throughout a period of time which allows participants to make self-reflection an inherent part of their individual growth. This concept paired with Sameer’s experience in Leadership Development and the wonderful person I got to know him as, will have a strong impact and will give a new perspective to leaders in making sustainable differences.”

Mirko Kobiela

Director Group HR, Center of Excellence Talent - Performance & Succession, Adidas Group

“Sameer Dua has made a profound and a lasting difference in the way I live my life. His coaching continues to provoke me to question my own perceptions; my existing decision making patterns and redefine the way I respond to my circumstances.
The expanded results that I have created through this coaching program have greatly elevated the quality of my life”

Jerry Martin

Director: Operations and Business Development, International Business, SKIL Travel Private Limited

In my experience of 24 years in Finance Industry, across the Globe, I have been observing the need for a programme which not only develops leadership at work-place but also creates better individuals at home. In these times of cut-throat competition it is important to take up challenges at work-place, motivate the staff, meet dead-lines etc. All this invariably causes stress, leading at times to down-fall in inter-personal relations at work-place and homes. My search ended with the Generative Leadership Programme by Sameer Dua. I can assertively say that, this Programme brought in dynamic change in the outlook, performance and vision of my Senior Management. They are today, substantially enriched with skill sets to fix and achieve goals and motivate their staff. They have a deeper understanding of inter-personal communications which has promoted their professional and personal relations creating stress-free atmosphere at home and work-place. Their entire perception towards challenges has changed towards positivity, redefining their approach towards problem-solving. Sameer Dua has not only created superior professionals but far better human beings too! I would definitely endorse this programme to small as well as large organisations alike who intend to enrich their personnel with better understanding of Life.

Vikrant Ponkshe

Managing Director, The Cosmos Co-operative Bank Ltd.

“When we evaluated Leadership needs for the current times and the years to come a few unusual competencies stood out. Acting courageously as Leaders was one of them. As I began work on this subject it dint take me long to realize there is no one in India who can deliver this subject at the depth I’d hoped to find. As the India SSA head for Leadership Development at John Deere my hunt for the elusive faculty began fervently but in dismay as well. While there was no dearth of contacts spread across continents, most calls ended with the exasperation of having to explain the fulcrum of courage, the design of the mind and the voice that speaks but suppliers and vendors couldn’t fathom the concepts nor the direction. Sameer Dua was a reference met outside of calendar and what was to be a 20mts meeting turned into 1.5 hours of debate and brain stimulating discussion. He was already where we hoped to go. His concepts and ideas from Generative Leadership were driving us right home. I knew then we had finally found our external lead for this esteemed program. The content work spread across two months which were the most intellectually stimulating experience I had so far and the end result was a splendid 3 days intervention that had all participants Thinking, Introspecting, Recognizing and Checking their behaviors. The program has been the best seller of 2014 for us. Sameer hit the group of leaders right between the eyebrows and woke up each individual to commence a long journey where he would not lead us anymore, but allow our newly accepted realities and corrections to bring change in our personal and professional worlds. Sameer is rare talent- glad we found him.”  

Seema Raghunath

Leadership Development-Human Resources, John Deere India Pvt. Ltd

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