At The Institute for Generative Leadership, we:

  • Are a stand for your success
  • Have high regard for your needs
  • Offer transformational programs
  • Take on a results driven approach
  • Come with over two decades of business and leadership education experience
  • Many humans claim to be living, but few are really living, and the most merely exist. Similarly, there are many groups of people who call themselves teams, but they merely exist as teams, they are not ‘living teams’. The same goes with organizations too – there are organizations that exist, and then there ‘living organizations’.To really get the above, we need to understand the meaning of the word ‘living’, as distinguished by Sameer Dua, Founder Director of Institute for Generative Leadership, India:“You are either living in a particular moment, or you are not. To live is to create a future of choice; and, to act in achieving that future of choice.
    There will be constant interruptions, but when you are ‘living’, you remain connected to the future you have created, and find ways past the interruptions. When you cannot go past the interruptions, you create new futures of choice, rather than accept the default future. To live is to remain connected to the ‘for the sake of what’ are you doing what you are doing?
    This distinction of ‘living’ is not only applicable to individuals; it also applies to teams, families and organizations.”At IGL-India, we see that when you ‘live’ in the way it is distinguished above, you are also leading, and the distinction between living and leading collapses. You start to ‘live’ and ‘lead’ your life – in the true sense.
  • Each one of us has some blindness or the other. In most cases, this blindness impedes the effective living of our individual lives, or lives of our teams and organizations. Programs of IGL reveal this blindness, opening up a whole new world for individuals and employees of organizations. For example, participants when they discover the way they are seeing is not the only way to see, and is just one way of seeing – opens up a whole new world of being able to see any number of different ways. And when you see differently, new actions emerge for you, and when you take new actions – you can generate new results.Program participants start to realize that they may be working hard, but yet, they are operating as a bull in a China shop does – they continue to cause damage, and they don’t even know that they don’t know that they are causing damage.
  • There is a New Guinea proverb that states, ‘Knowledge is a rumour until it is in the muscle’. We subscribe to this view, and believe that knowledge, till it is not embodied, is of limited or no use. In each of our programs, every new distinction is followed up with rigorous practice as an invitation to participants to shift their embodiment.
  • In our programs, we relate with participants as human beings who have cares. We relate with their SELPH (pronounced as SELF), which is an acronym for:

    S: Somatic Intelligence. This is the mind and body coherence. Leadership programs miss out this important element of learning – the body. The body is where the learning sits, and we actively engage with the body.

    E: Emotional Intelligence. We have been lead to believe that emotions have no place in the corporate world. This is such a huge misconception. You cannot disengage a human being from his or her emotions. Imagine the productivity of an individual or a team in the emotion of ‘resignation’; as against an individual or a team operating in the emotion of ‘ambition’. The results each of these individuals or teams will deliver will very different.

    L: Language. Most people understand language to be descriptive. They are blind to the generative power of language. It is in language that they create their future and their present. It is also in language that they co-ordinate action to generate results. Most people are blind to this immense power of language.

    P: Practice. We spoke about embodiment above. It is only through practice that you change embodiment. 80% of your daily actions are habitual actions – through practice, we invite participants to change their habits.

    H: History. We are all historical beings, and our history can deeply impact our present. When you become aware of how your history impacts your present, you give your self a choice, one which you did not have till you had the awareness.

  • Leadership Coaching is an integral part of our programs. Since this framework is one of performance, not concept, it can only result in skill with recurrent practice. What is key to make practice effective and efficient is the feedback and guidance of a coach. Institute for Generative Leadershiphas been providing coaching to leaders, executives, managers, teams, and professional for over thirty years.